Community Canvas

A non-profit project dedicated to the artistic and cultural development of youth ideas in Waterloo Region.
Public art brings our streets to life but it’s also part of a bigger story and cultural evolution.

8 Local Artists & Mural Topics

BrunoSmoky - BLUEVALE CIWe are connected to the environment
We are free to play

What is
Community Canvas?

Community Canvas is a mural project that showcases children and youth's artistic vision of the future.

Eight local artists worked with youth and their ideas, concepts, and images to create a mural that is symbolic of a better future — a community where everyone belongs.

Each mural is based on a theme from the 9 dimensions of the UNICEF Canadian Index of Child and Youth Well-being.
Our goal is to bring the fresh ideas and visions of children and youth into community spaces in all the municipalities in Waterloo Region.

Our Values

Co-create meaningful experiences with children and youth that connects people and art.
Support Local
Engage with local artists and art suppliers to create hyperlocal art.
Celebrate Diversity
Foster respect and open-mindedness for all cultures.
Community Canvas Partners
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