Youth-led gardens feeding Waterloo Region.

Seeking Adult Volunteers!

Support Youth in the gardens this summer.
Free training provided!
A vertical shot of a garden. There is a long, straight pathway down the middle and gardens covering the left side of the pathway. On the right there is a shed and other gardens. At the very end of the pathway is one young person wearing a yellow shirt gardening.

Our Vision

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Increase food literacy
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Improve mental health & sense of belonging
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Improve youth access to food & green spaces

If you have a space at your school or community centre for a garden and/or food forest OR are interested in supporting one, we'd love to hear from you!

We run a variety of programs throughout the year. Both young people and adults are welcome.

Get involved!

Get involved

Two young people working in a garden. They are trellissing tomatoes.
Food Forest Design Teams
Join us as we move through a process of learning and design.

Then, YOU design a food forest for a local school in Waterloo Region!
Join the design team
An overhead shot of two young people working in a garden. They are harvesting zucchini.
Nurture Garden Teams
Paid positions in local school gardens!

Grow food for your community, find belonging in the garden, and work with a team. Training & mentorship are provided.
Join the garden team
Adult Garden Mentors
Do you have gardening experience? Are you passionate about local food?

We're seeking reliable adult volunteers to support our Nurture School Garden Teams in July and August 2024.
Apply to Volunteer
Two radishes in dirt. They look bright red and green in contrast with the dark brown soil.

What is a Food Forest?

A food forest is a way of growing food that mimics the architecture and beneficial relationships of a natural forest ecosystem.

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Other Projects

Smart Waterloo Region Innovation Lab projects

Image of two phones with an app running. The app has a map in the background and a chat bot answering questions.
Data Playground
A chat bot that can speak to users like a human and help them find services.
Image of two phones with an app running. The app has a map in the background and a chat bot answering questions.
Data Playground
A translation tool that supports voice, file and keyboard input with 27 commonly used language types around the Waterloo Region.

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