To help make innovation easier

The resources on this page are for teachers who will be conducting the GIMI Impact Program

Designed with speaking points

A how-to guide


Helpful tips

Creative visuals

Innovative solutions

Gimi Impact - Teacher Resources

For all the awesome people who make are bringing Gimi Impact Training to schools

A teaching plan for lessons

Each module has learning goals, success criteria, exercises & activities, assesment options, and resources

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Ways to asses progress

A toolkit of assessment resources that includes an assessment plan and learning logs

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Slide Decks

Helpful visuals

Each slide deck comes with visual tools, links, and speaking points that you can use while teaching

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You are guiding the innovation mindset

With your help we can teach children & youth about new ways of thinking

Inspire to Build

Get introduced to innovation techniques

Social Challenges

Apply knowledge to solve problems

Impactful solutions

Develop solutions that would create impact

Present to others

Develop a powerful pitch to present solutions

Gimi Impact Phases

How the curriculum is structured


In this phase you will learn about problems and oppourtunities


Identify a social or community challenge and apply innovation techniques

Show & Tell

Children & Youth will create a pitch that highlights the challenge and solution
Gimi Impact Presentations

Examples of Youth Ideas

Take a look at a few ideas that children & youth presented during Gimi Impact pitches

Letters Through The Ages

Challenge: Ageing


Elderly people in senior homes experience social isolation


A partnership with a seniors home where a student club writes letters to seniors, like pen pals.

Hospital Murals

Challenge: Racial & ethnic discrimation


Bridging the gap between indigenous support and creating a calming environment in a place filled with stress


Normalize indigenous culture in formerly bureaucratic establishments by brining indigenous artwork to hospitals and other government spaces

Design should not be complicated

"We select to practice in Minerva since it is both useful and commonsense"

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