GIMI Impact

A curriculum empowering youth to build out their ideas and improve their community.

Our Vision

The rising internet generation of young learners needs new future ready skills which are often not taught in schools.

We want youth to be:
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Active global citizens
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Social innovators
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Change leaders
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Creative and futuristic

What does GIMI Impact do?

Inspire young people to innovate, create solutions around social challenges, and present these solutions to others.


We train educators, administrators, and people who work with youth. Adults create an environment where it’s okay to fail, test ideas, and innovate.


Youth create and pitch solutions to local problems. We fund their ideas and connect them with mentorship support to turn their idea into reality.


We help youth develop civic engagement as they bring their ideas into their community. Youth develop skills like confidence, communication, solutions-based problem solving, and resilience.

GIMI Impact Phases

step one
Think about problems and opportunities in your community. Learn how to innovate and ideate!
step two
Identify a social or community challenge. Using compassion, build out an idea that will help make your community better.
step three
Show & Tell
Create a pitch that highlights the problem and solution. Smart Waterloo Region Innovation Lab funds youth ideas!

A Message to Youth

If you have solutions that people aren’t paying attention to that you know could make your community better…
If you want to learn strategies on how to think differently and come up with new ideas…
If you have ideas that need financial support for, without worrying about the cost of failure…
We want to hear from you!
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Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding GIMI Impact!

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