Impact Map

An accessible, innovative mapping tool designed to improve child & youth well-being.
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Visual Insights, Real Impact

With Impact Map, community members and organizations can easily view and create real-time, comprehensive mapping resources.

This mapping tool is designed to improve child and youth well-being by creating community-wide asset mapping.

Some of Impact Map's features include:
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Integrate, layer, and edit maps from different sources
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Proximity-based search (kilometre radius)
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Collaborative, open-access mapping

What is
Impact Map?

An accessible, innovative mapping tool is designed to improve child and youth well-being.

Impact Map allows users to seamlessly integrate, layer, and edit maps — with dynamic features like proximity resources and user-generated content.

The tool democratizes access to mapping resources, encourages collaborative input, provides accurate, up-to-date geographic data, and facilitates instant service access through an integrated chatbot.

Both individual users seeking local resources and organizations conducting asset mapping benefit from these multifaceted functionalities.
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Search by proximity

Specify a kilometre radius and a mode of transportation, and Impact Map will show you results within your reach — whether you're walking, biking, bussing, or driving.

More Features


Visualize muliple data sets simultaneously. Identify gaps and opportunities, make informed decisions and bring about positive change in Waterloo Region.

Discover & Info

Explore resources and attractions in your immediate vicinity. Search by proximity and transportation method to find things near you.


Tell your story and hear from local experts. Share your thoughts!

Chatbot (Coming soon)

Get help finding programs and services near you with the help of SWRILIE the AI chatbot.  The chatbot connects you with up-to-date information about Waterloo Region organizations.


Get in on the conversation! Leave reviews, find local gems, and make recommendations.


Save and organize your favorite locations effortlessly. Plan trips, navigate daily routes, or explore new areas.

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Email us to beta test Impact Map.

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