Youth Impact Project

Youth pitch solutions to problems identified in the 2023 Youth Impact Survey. We fund their ideas.
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Youth pitch ideas. Youth decide where the money goes.

With funding from the Region of Waterloo and United Way WRC, we and the Children and Youth Planning Table created a $70,000 fund to support youth ideas that address challenges seen in the 2023 Youth Impact Survey data.

2024 Timeline

Learn more about the origins of the Youth Impact Project and how we got to where we are today.

Youth Project Showcase

Learn more about some of the 2024 youth projects that received funding.
Nigerians in the Region of Waterloo
A book club where the stories bridge understanding and connection. By focusing on books by racialized and Indigenous authors, they highlight diverse experiences and perspectives.
A free soccer tournament event that will include 20 kids (four teams of five). The group would like to provide the kids with a free lunch, fruit smoothies and a free T-shirt.
Camino Health & Wellbeing
A six-week summer program that for newcomer youth ages 14 - 18. Trades and employment workshops so that newcomer youth and their families don't view university as their only option.

Meet "The Dragons"

This Youth Decision Making Panel decided which youth projects would receive up to $70,000 in funding. Together, they created grading criteria based on equity, passion for the idea, how it relates to Youth Impact Survey data, and longevity of impact in Waterloo Region.

Until December 2024, we'll be sharing updates about funded projects on our Instagram.

What youth are saying

We interviewed young people who pitched and young people on the Dragon Team.
Pitcher, SVP Teens
“It being youth-led made us bond even more as a team. We learned more about teamwork, we learned more about leadership, we learned more about time management and the importance of delegation in a team.”
Pitcher, Adventure4Change
“Being youth-led, and the judges are mostly youth, we know that youth are hearing our ideas. Our ideas are for the betterment of youth and their lives within the community. It's really nice knowing that they will understand the struggles we’re talking about and the issues we’re addressing.”
"Dragon" Decision Maker
"Having youth-led projects really separates this from other things that are out there. We're giving a lot of under-served youth the opportunities to pursue the things they're passionate about, an I think that's really great."
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