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Often a strong-knit community is defined by those willing to help each other in a time of need. To build such a community, you can explore various neighbour-to-neighbour projects as a way to connect those in need with those that can help. You can start by building a simple neighbour-to-neighbour directory of those willing to help out with small tasks.

Distribute a form that asks residents if they want to participate in a N2N (neighbour to neighbour) program and what tasks they would be willing to help with. Tasks such as watering plants, picking up groceries, changing a light bulb, fixing a doorknob or leaky faucet, and help reading or writing mail all require minimal effort but could make a big difference to those in a time of need.

Compile a directory of all those that want to participate, and distribute it to everyone in the program. Neighbours can connect directly with each other using the directory.

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