Lifelong Learning

Tech Support



Effort level

Moderate to high

About this idea

Set up a neighbour to neighbour tech support program. In this modern era of zoom calls, virtual classes, and telemedicine appointments, technology can be a connector but also a barrier. Help your community to get set up and connected through a tech support buddy system or through running a bootcamp.

For the buddy system, enlist neighbours who are willing to help out and connect them to senior neighbours who need help. Be sure to establish protocols around passwords and sensitive information sharing. One workaround is to always ensure the helper turns away from the helpee when sensitive information is going to be displayed.

For workshops, training could focus on the basics such as online security, zoom video calls, or how to order groceries online. You might also find local technically savvy students or volunteers to work with your community and guide you through a set up and training tutorial.

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